Updated ADS Civil version 2019

Welcome version ADS Civil 2019 with the latest updates and features, with continuous efforts to bring customers useful features as well as enhance the user experience. Baezeni Software Co., Ltd. sends customers an update table of features in the new version:
  1. Support multiple AutoCad platforms: 2007, 2015, 2018, 2019.
  2. Super high-speed highway design:

  • Control super high pavement and curb under super high diagram.
  • Super high pressure on cross sections.
  1. Generate random points in the area.

  1. Get altitude measurement points according to terrain.
  2. Upgrading and expanding the road surface to keep the slope of the road cross-section.


     6.Task planning in ADS VPV

      7.Migrate Project: supports team work, splits work according to construction methods, Coordination of subjects in the whole project.
To make it easier to access the new version and try out the features already in the ADS Civil solution, please leave your information in the following link, customer care will contact and update to customers
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