Release Ads Civil 2014

On April 19, 2016, ADS Civil 2014 was officially released.

Key features include:

Release Ads Civil 2014
2. Add design standards for new rural roads: TCVN 10380: 2014
3. Serial Spiral curve - Command: TDC ┘
4. Flexible super-high layout - fully meet the general super-high-stroke claws with branches of other -Command level: TKTN ┘
5. Retaining wall design of 86-06X of Transportation Design Institute (TEDI) & Dissecting detailed volume codes - Command: Wads ┘
6. Calibration of 2D talts with surface - Command: TL2D ┘
7. Create 3D drainage pipes on ADS Sewer - Command: P3D ┘

Download link: Civil Series 2014 282% 29.exe Setup%

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