May 28, 2016

ADS Civil Providing customers with all the features of the service throughout the infrastructure design process including:

  • Data survey (ADS Survey Module)
  • Preliminary design and route options (ADS Road)
  • Detailed design.
  • Construction design and completion drawings.
  • Design drainage system ...
  • Traffic organization design
  • Prepare report on current road condition
  • Leveling design.
  • 3D simulation (including current status and design) (ADS VPV)
  • Data management and exchange via shared database (CDE)) (ADS Cloud)

Benefits of ADS Civil bring to customers:

  • Design quality assurance: ADS Civil helps design engineers minimize design errors, design control and especially save time for modification and design changes.
  • Increasing connectivity: With server connectivity features, ADS civilization helps to exchange data quickly, accurately and fully, increasing the ability of teamwork among project members.
  • Effective production:
    • Create a closed data exchange process throughout the process.
    • Save time
    • Accuracy.

ADS Civil including Vietnamese design standards, language options (English, Vietnamese) always up to date running on the highest Autocad environments, meeting advanced design features (Interchange design, design RAMP road, multi-heart road design ..) gives Vietnamese engineers many features and utilities to design infrastructure accurately and effectively.

Built directly from traffic engineers, more than anyone ADS Civil understands the work of infrastructure design engineers. ADS Civil always puts users in a central position, We constantly develop, learn, and bring new information technology applications to help the design process of engineers.


ADS Civil - Software package for designing infrastructure for Vietnamese engineers

ADS Civil uses Hard Lock to manage modules. When you buy ADS Civil Product Copyright, we will send you:

1. USB lock (Hard lock) includes integrated modules when you buy.
2. Copyright certificate depending on the expiry date you purchase with the key code.
3. Handover and warranty products signed between the parties.
All are contained in envelopes containing product logos (as shown below).